Internal Medicine Price List

(Including VAT)

First Consult£175
Follow up Consult£75
Radiographyfrom £115
Echocardiographyfrom £250
ECG 6 and 12 leadfrom £55
Holter monitoring- continuous ECG per 24 hoursfrom £250
Chronic diarrhoea investigationfrom £790
Vomiting investigationfrom £720
Faecal analysisfrom £65
Protein losing enteropathy investigationfrom £920
Liver imaging and biopsyfrom £510
Contrast Enhanced Ultrasoundfrom £350
Biopsy and assay for Copper and other elementsfrom £260
PSS investigation (incl ammonia tol, bile acid tests, x-rays and ultrasound)from £1060
Dual phase CT hepatic angiographyfrom £1260
Respiratory medicine
Chronic cough investigationfrom £840
Collapsing trachea workup and stentingfrom £1155
Nasal disch workup- (typical tests- x-ray, blood tests, endoscopy, biopsy, CTfrom £800
Nasal and bronchial foreign body investigation and removalfrom £580
Transthoracic biopsyfrom £370
Nephrology and Urology
Kidney disease investigationfrom £420
GFR estimation (iohexol and inulin)from £160
Renal ultrasoundfrom £199
Lymphoma staging, grading and typingfrom £420
Photodynamic therapyfrom £810
Chemotherapy administration only (drugs at cost)from £100
Haematology and Immunology Investigations
Von Willebrands diseasefrom £450
Immune mediated haemolytic anaemiafrom £580
Immune mediated thrombocytopaeniaform £480
Diabetes mellitus investigation and stabilisationfrom £690
Ketoacidosis (emergency)from £1575
Hyperosmolar Diabetes mellitusfrom £1680
Continuous glucose monitoring per 72hrsfrom £315
Insulinoma workupfrom £735
Imaging and Investigations
CTfrom £800
MRIfrom £1200
3D rabbit skull imaging(dental disease, facial abscesses, head tilt)from £200
Ultrasoundfrom £199
Cardiac Ultrasoundfrom £250
Contrast Enhanced Ultrasoundfrom £350
Endoscopy (rigid flexible and cystoscopy)from £370
X-raysfrom £85

Prices given for investigations are an indication only and may vary dependent on tests used and individual circumstances. Ongoing medication/treatment prices are not included as these will vary greatly in each clinical case. GA/ sedation costs where required for tests are included.

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