Surgery Price List

(Including VAT)

First Consult£175
Follow up Consult£75
X-ray Film ReportingFree of charge
Fracture Repair
Simple growth plate fractureFrom £1,200
Long bone fractureFrom £1,500
Humeral condylar fractureFrom £2500
Humeral bi-condylar fracture£2500 to £3500
Humeral bi-condylar fractureFrom £2,300
Spinal Surgery
Hemilaminectomy for TL disc extrusionFrom £2,300
Hip Surgery
Total Hip Replacement – Biomedtrix (unilateral)From £4300
(excludes initial assessment and radiographs if required)
Pelvic Osteotomy – (unilateral)From £2,500
Hip luxation (open reduction)£1,200 to £2,000
Hip Scoring
Pen Hip ScoringFrom £366
BVA hip scoring available simultaneouslyFrom £67
Cruciate Surgery
Unilateral TPLO/TTA (pet < 45Kg)From £2,500
Unilateral TPLO/TTA (pet > 45 Kg)£3,500 - £2,800
Follow up post surgery (including sedation & repeat x-rays)From £270
Other Stifle surgery
Extra-capsular stabilisationFrom £1,200
Med/lat patellar luxationFrom £1,800
(*price for cases needing femoral osteotomy will be higher)
Patella stabilisationFrom £1,800
Elbow Surgery
Elbow dysplasia treatmentFrom £2,000
(x-ray, arthroscopic tx for coronoid disease/OCD)
Canine unicompartmental elbow replacementFrom £3,500

Soft Tissue Surgery

(Including VAT)

Referral first consultation£175
Referral follow up consultation£75
ENT Surgery
Brachycephalic obstructive airway correctionFrom £1000
Laryngeal tiebackFrom £1800
Total ear canal ablationFrom £1800
Maxillofacial Surgery
Salivary mucoceoleFrom £1,400
Mandibulectomy/MaxillectomyFrom £1,6400
Thoracotomy/lung lobectomy/pericardectomyFrom £2,000
Perineal herniaFrom £1700
Perineal urethrostomyFrom £1300
Tumour Resection
Oncologic tumour resectionFrom £1,200
Wound management (typically post tumour resection)
Resection and primary closureFrom £1,000
Wound reconstruction, grafts, axial pattern flapsFrom £1,500

Fee estimates above are for uncomplicated surgical procedures and include:
Initial consultation, x-rays, surgery, hospitalisation for one night, initial courses of pain relief and antibiotics (as required).

With any surgery unforeseen complications may arise, which may mean additional surgery hospitalisation or medications, incurring extra costs. We will always endeavour to keep clients regularly informed of their pet’s progress during their stay with us and inform them before any additional treatments are carried out.

During the initial consultation we will always give the client an estimate of the likely costs of investigation/treatment for their pet and we will try to make this as accurate as possible. Please remember however that this is only an estimate and whilst we will do our best to keep the client informed of any major additional charges the final costs can vary if the pet’s condition proves to be more complex than anticipated.

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