Orthopaedic Surgery

Veterinary Surgeons Jeremy Onyett BVSc Cert SAS MRCVS and Jamie McClement BVSc Cert SAS MRCVS  run the orthopaedic surgery department and are able to undertake an extensive range of investigative, surgical orthopaedic and neurosurgical procedures. They both hold certificates in Small Animal Surgery.

Fracture Repair We use an extensive range of implants -2.0mm, 2.7mm,3.5mm and 4.4mm AO systems. External fixation systems including IMEX circle – to treat anything from simple long bone to complex joint fractures in cats and dogs.

1mm DCP plating of radius+ulna fracture in a 2kg Chihuahua puppy

Treatment of spinal disease In patients with inter-vertebral  disc disease and other spinal pathology we will generally  investigate using myelography, or MRI/CT and we can undertake decompression surgery and stabilisation surgery.

Spinal fracture/luxation repair

Lameness Investigation These cases can be challenging and complex cases  can require advanced imaging techniques. We investigate using digital radiography, arthroscopy and MRI/CT so that individual treatment programmes can be developed.

CT of incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle

Growth Deformities These can cause abnormal limb alignment and abnormal loading of joints which can cause pain and arthritis. We use  various techniques to correct these e.g. corrective osteotomies and limb lengthening procedures involving distraction osteogenesis.

3D CT used for surgical planning in a forelimb deformity case

Arthrodesis In joints that are severely traumatised or suffering advanced osteoarthritis  fusion is often the most appropriate way of maintaining comfort and function to the affected limb. Tarsal and carpal joints are usually the joints most likely to benefit from arthrodesis.

Carpal arthrodesis

Arthroscopic surgery Arthroscopy is available to diagnose and treat elbow dysplasia -in particular  removal of fragmented medial coronoid processes.  It is also used in the diagnosis of shoulder ligament injuries and the investigation of menisceal injuries in the stifle.

Arthroscopy in progress
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